10 Facts You Should Know About Vancouver Full Moon Beach Parties

10 Facts You Should Know About Vancouver Full Moon Beach Parties

vancouver full moon beach party10. This is actually the official Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party #41

9. There have been 5 Full Moon Beach Parties every year in Vancouver since BeachKandi, dj tjt and djBJoRN threw the first one back in 2008 at Sunset Beach

8. out of 41 Vancouver Full Moon Beach Parties only 2 have ever been cancelled.
The Full Moon last year in June was high jacked by a copycat which is why so many people claim there wasnt any last year. We had a couple at YVR Patio as well as tower beach and locarno beach

7. The Vancouver full moon party first put one of its events on facebook in 2012. The event quickly catches fire in the LGBT community

6. Sad Fact : the pictures attached to this post are from the Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party June 2010, and the brunette in white top black pants was a die hard veteran who had been there since the first year.

Sadly, she was murdered out east shortly after these pictures were taken. The Vancouver Full Moons of 2011, 2012 and 2013 were mostly about remembering her. RIP <3


5. August 2012 was the first time we posted the full moon party on facebook and sent out under 100 invites. 300 showed up

4. June 2013 Full Moon Party at Spanish Banks head count was 500 – 600 people. August 2013 = 1000 people.
Police came and sent us all home at 5am

3. May 2014 Vancouver Full Moon decides to change its name for 1 event only in response to legislation passed by the Harper administration. Bill C-51 and tons more.

Then when they took away our constitutional right to freedom of assembly that was enough.

The event was named Dancing For Democracy Beach Protest and moved from Sunset beach to Second Beach. Within an hour a veteran VPD officer had detained me, frisked me, threatened me and when i tried to call out to let people know what was happening, he stomped on my sandled foot with his boots

2.June 2014 First Viral Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party
Friday the 13th AND FULL Moon combo was magical anf on FB 9,500 people claim to have went . It was pretty busy and just grew and grew and grew… of course

1. Ever see pictures of Bjorn wearing costumes ?

Before we knew how to post Facebook events, I would go to english bay at 12:30am and set up my DJ rig, then i would put on a kitty, lion, gorilla or lizard costume, and ride my bmx down davie and down granville telling everybody that there are TONS of people at English bay and some kind of european dj.

Then after biking all the way up davie and finishing at the roxy, I would double time it back to english bay to get there before the first wave of drunken clubbers got there and the crowd would just get bigger and bigger…
Therefore it was that day that ….

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