10 Reasons To Go To Vancouver Full Moon Party

10 Reasons To Go To Vancouver Full Moon Party

With the next Full Moon Event just around the corner we made a list of 10 reasons why you don’t want to miss this next one. Feel free to use this list to convince friends to come with you and join the Vancouver Full Moon Fam. 🙂

Fullmoon-Party-810 Doesn’t cost you a dime !
Save the $199 or $299 Blueprint would have made you pay for the exact same music. Same artists, same songs but support local artists rather then multi millionaire EDM performers who “DJ in a box” which you get to watch over a jumbo tron. Oh did you notice the $40 lockers of Fvded in the park ? lmao

9 – guest list for as many people as you want.
You don’t have to wait in line, you don’t have to tip the bouncer to get in, bring whomever you want. SO you are guaranteed a party with all your friends

8 – the talented DJs
in our lineups spinning the best in Dubstep, Tribal, Deep House, Trap, Drum and Bass and HipHop. Each event we try to bring in at least 1 bedroom dj who wants his first chance at spinning for an audience. You could even be that new bedrooom dj.

7 – to celebrate the full moon
and all of the power it has over us here on earth.

6 – protest against corporate takeover of everything social.
No public social gatherings without permits, profits, sponsors, alcohol and shareholders. Instead we are ALL shareholders in Vancouver Full Moon events. (dancing for democracy)

5 – For a sense of adventure.
Being an underground(ish) event, its impossible to know exactly what will happen. SO come along for the ride and get to experience the event while flying by the seat of your pants. Since the invention of the DJ controller, DJs have been 100% mobile for years,yet most still ONLY DJ indoors. Weirdos.

4 – Be a part of the beginning of something big.
I have personally watched this event grow over the past 8 years and lately have been getting alot of club owners and others wanting to sponsor the event and it’s bound to happen sooner or later, either willingly or by force. The full moon they might get, but they will NEVER get “Dancing For Democracy” !

3 – meet some tourists!
The full moon party has always attracted a crowd that consisted of over 50% Tourists as you may have noticed from the June full moon party. This always baffled me until last Friday when I asked most of the tourists in attendance how they ended up at our event and almost 85% of them said they were djBJoRN fans on Soundcloud and booked a trip to Vancouver as soon as they saw me post the Vancouver Full Moon party. Now it all makes sense. I always wondered why I had over 3500 followers, yet only 10 to 20 show up at most of my events… now it all makes sense. I started as an online DJ and spread online 10 times faster then i could locally…so every summer I actually have a whole bunch of tourists here to hear me spin live… super cool feeling finding that out. (!My!Gay!Husband …. eat your heart out & ferme ta gueule :P)

2 – meet your local artists and support them…
if we don’t who will? I have seen some INCREDIBLY talented DJs and producers quit music since it couldnt pay the bills.

1 – become a part of a movement that will only stop if you do.

Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next full moon event. Join our mailing list and never miss a single full moon event…..ever! 🙂

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