2017: How To Search For Electronic Dance Music when Programming Dj Units- djBJoRN.com

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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. I suggest to take a look at the Beatport Pro for Desktop (available for PC and Mac) https://www.beatport.com/desktop.
    You can search through all the tracks beatport has plus you can setup your own filters based on genres, artists, labels, key, bpm and even mood. There are 95 moods available like: bright, dark, progressive, spacey, ambient, deep, dirty, disco, etc….
    Not all tracks have proper metadata describing the mood (and those will be hidden from the mood filter), but it is a nice way to find gems.
    I don't like TOP100. I rarely find maybe 2 songs in those lists. With moods however you can significantly extend your treasure chest.

  2. Digging. I have a list of label, artists that I like. Once I'm done with that I'll check out charts for maybe something new or something I've missed. If I come across an track I like, I'll check that artists' stuff and the labels he releases on.

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