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  1. Im 44 years old and I would like to start Djing as a hobby. At my age should I even bother? I love music and always wanted to Dj when I was younger but being in the military, deploying and having a family, life kind of got in the way. Now that I have more time for myself. I would like to try. I bought my equipment about 3 years ago and haven't really spent anytime  practicing because I really don't know where to begin, besides they usual playing records  and reminiscing.I haven't done much. I have the Rane 62 but do not really know how to use it,  it really does alot. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about. I guess Im just looking for approval I don't want to make a fool of myself by looking like they weird old guy that wants to scratch on turntables. I'll probably get alot of flac for writing this post but I can handle constructive criticism, please write back with what your opinion is. Good or bad or just murder boarding would be appreciated. I would like to Thank You in advance for your professional opinion. Thank You.  

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