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  1. Hey, I'm struggling with setting up my file browser, was wondering if you could help me up. When I put my song files into browser, it creates a complicated series of folders, so that if I actually want to put in the desired clips, I have to open up at least 2 folders in my browser for each track. Do you know a way around this? Many Thanks!

  2. This might be a stupid question but how do I send the tracks I've already warped to a folder where I can just drag them into my set on the fly without having to re warp them or having to go to a specific set folder to get them. Please help as this is driving me nuts as I know there must be a simple solution. Also how do you stop clipping on a loop? Any help is appreciated. Love the old school stuff in this video too Nice selection

  3. great tutorial. genius! i have one reoccurring issue though. when i try to load the pack in a track (by dragging it in) the clips are grey and ableton says it cannot locate the file. a missing media file shows up where i can search and select it but i must do this every time. any ideas? Thanks.

  4. +CorporateOfficial In regards to importing channel settings Ableton is messy like this. There is no way of stopping it from bringing preset settings. I haven't had a problem with it because I use the same tools on each track off my APC 40. Low Cut, High Cut, and some other bits and pieces.

    A suggestion would be, if you mix the track externally, not within Ableton but on an outboard mixer, then you'll not have this issue. When you save your clips you don't have to include eq and filters

    Another suggestion could be you use two channels for one. One for loading and another one the music audio signal is passed to which you can put all your mixer controls on. That way if you want to change your setup, you can.

    Does that make sense?

  5. @Greg Bryant You can automate but you need a bit of script to do it. You need to buy a copy of MT Player to make some script which it will run. However it is very complicated unless you're technically minded.

  6. When I save a clip group back into the library, all the track settings and effects are saved with it. Makes it a bit of a hassle when I pull the track back in. How do you deal with this?

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