Adding A Tablet Controller To Your DJ Set-up with TouchOSC-

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  1. well,my apologies for preview comment ! you were right in a way…but you have to be a little more specific with all the details ..otherwise ,will not work,and people will not understand …thanks for share!

  2. im having a problem with mine, Touchosc (on my android tablet) is sending to my pc and the actions will show up on puredata. but when i go to virtual DJ or Traktor it wont learn any of the controls no matter what. im trying to use RtpMidi, and i installed bonjour. but you dont show how to use those.

  3. Im not able to download the basic.pd file, i click on the link and it takes me to the page where it displays the data, but unable to save in the correct format or download it, HELP!!!

  4. I'm having a little problem with the setup: Pure Data seems to work just fine, but Traktor won't learn controls.. I think the problem is with the TouchOSCBridge.. When I click it nothing happens and when I open the Windows Task Manager, no processes related to the bridge appear.. Is this normal? Can somebody help me with this problem? Thx in advance

  5. everything seems to work in Pure Data, but Traktor won't learn controls… I think the problem is with the TouchOSC bridge… When I click it, nothing happens and in the task manager of windows no processes appear… Is this normal and can someone help me with this problem? Thx

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