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  1. best video on this topic I do high schools etc…and so on I'm 50 started almost 3yrs ago I got into it as a kj or karaoke jockey and people started hiring me in clubs..sports bars to do karaoke dance parties and private events check me out Facebook andre Bryant icon mobile music

  2. Hi firstly I think I've found a kindred spirit. Next year I am 50 and have been DJing for 20ish years and before that always love playing music I love soul Funk and Jazzfunk I own a Denon MC600 mk2 and like you use a Bose sound system with B2 base unit and Tonematch much the same reasons as you working with singers and live acts all the singers love my Bose. Great Videos mate I will watch more and good luck and have a nice Xmas and a Happy New Year Respect Tony

  3. Hi Veera L- My main controller is the Denon MC6000-2. I also use the Denon Mc3000, the mc2000 and the Pioneer Wego. Which controller is best for you will partly depend on your application. If you are a scratch DJ, something with larger jog wheels might appeal to you. If you are mostly a Laptop DJ but would like to start using a controller for greater flexibility and control over your music, then any of the ones I use or others that are similar will work. I'll be doing a few videos on my controller shortly.

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