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  1. wanted to get a 1200 mk5 but prices are hi so I'm considering this one. just wondering, the 1200 has a better arm than this rite? does this have the same preamp capacitance problem as the AT LP120? noticed quite a few people who have yanked out the preamp off their LP120s. thanks

  2. I have the Audio Technica LP-120. I've had it for years and I'm about ready to get rid of it. It's been a good turntable other than the anti-skate issues. A defective anti-skate was a well known defect in the LP-120's as well as "humming" from the motor when volume and bass are turned up and I'm just hoping that the LP-1240 does NOT have this problem. If this LP-1240 is in fact of better quality, I would love to get one.

  3. you mentioned the something about the rubbery feel to the buttons and said that they feel different from the stantons. i got a pair of str8150s and out of the box the rubbery coating from all the buttons seems to have melted and felt really sticky. do you think this could happen to the lp1240 in the long run too?

  4. and button under the headshell hard to get at pop up light easy to loose 45 adapter fall off 45 33 speed small to push not the simplest turntable to use and dark to see at night

  5. new technics turntable 1200GR I getting somtime I was thinking getting this on but it don't have rubber bottom to protect it and it hard to see at night I stick to technics turntable like the rubber bottom of the bottom it better not cheap plastic Mabey audio technica cheap made in China compared japanese Mabey china might make somthing better

  6. I have a pair of the LP-1240 and really love them, but I can't find "Skinz" for them.. does anyone know where I can get them? Thx

  7. I understand why the AT-LP 1240 USB would be very beneficial for a DJ but not being a DJ myself I prefer the AT-LP 120 USB model because of the hinged cover which keeps dust off the records while they are playing. I also prefer the "solid feel" buttons rather than the rubberized feel of the buttons on the "1240". I also prefer the click on the speed slide control .
    Thank you for this very informative video.

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