Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”-

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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. these videos are amazing! I'm a very visual learner so seeing how you lay out the music on a spread sheet was mind blowing. thank you so much!

  2. Yesterday I bought 2 of your courses for my NVII, and I have an idea for you. What if you design a series of tutorials where you show techniques , tricks on transitions, correct uses of efects, advices, etc. Will be great don't you think? there is a lot of guys like me who search everyday for a good tutorial like yours but short on good explanation. Cheers

  3. Great Video, Just A question, Do you mix On The 8th Bar or at the start of the phrase?
    Just i notice in some tracks, on the 8th bar i see what i believe is part of a phrase Like vocals coming in on the 8th bar?

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