Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”-

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Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”

Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”is a streaming video to help you as you begin studying how to grasp the expertise to change into a DJ. With ebooks, fashionable tutorials, technical movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classroom classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”

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Be taught How to DJ Like a Professional:

Hey guys! On this video, I clarify primary music construction; what a phrase truly is, how to depend a bunch of phrases, what to hear for, and the way to simply establish the “one” in every phrase.

When you wanna study extra, try the full course: “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DJ BASICS WITH A SERATO CONTROLLER”:



SCDJ Technique Presents:

On this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches you all the important fundamentals that you simply want to know when you find yourself first studying how to DJ utilizing a Serato DJ controller. The Numark NVII is featured; nevertheless this course is structured so as to simply study utilizing any Serato controller.

Shortee reveals you ways to deal with the platters, varied methods to cue up your songs, three alternative ways to hear utilizing your headphones, how to establish the beat, and the way to tune your ears to have the option to isolate the drum sounds inside your music. She explains primary music concept; word values; how to depend beats, bars, and phrases in 4/4 time; and the way to establish the “one.”

You’ll uncover varied methods of counting the beats per minute (bpm) of your music and why it is so essential to know the tempos of all of your songs. She teaches you the two most essential scratches for DJing manually with the platters, how to mix them with one another in addition to with the crossfader, and varied methods to drop your songs in on the “one.”

To complete issues off sturdy, you’ll learn the way to carry out a primary transition between two songs with the similar bpm, utilizing the crossfader to mix them collectively.

“The Full Information to DJ Fundamentals with a Serato Controller” is a superb course for learners with none DJ expertise in addition to intermediate or superior DJs who’re transitioning from one other gear setup and studying how to DJ on a Serato controller for the first time. Each lesson is taught in a transparent and concise manner that’s straightforward for anybody to perceive. The talents you’ll study on this course will set you up completely for the subsequent course: “The Full Information to Newbie DJ Mixing with a Serato Controller,” wherein Shortee teaches beatmatching and newbie mixing. This information-packed course is a part of the Serato Controller Sequence of Shortee’s Full DJ Technique. It really works seamlessly together with her DJ Gear course “The Full DJ Gear Information to a Serato Controller: Numark NV and NVII” and is crucial for constructing a powerful basis to take your expertise to the subsequent stage.


The Final Information To Changing into A Nicely-Rounded DJ

Shortee’s Full DJ Technique is created for all talent ranges and taught on a variety of business customary DJ gear. Whether or not you need to study on turntables, CDJs, mixers, controllers, or software program, every lesson plan is organized in an organized, easy-to-follow collection of programs that cowl all the things from the important fundamentals to the most superior expertise.


With over twenty years expertise as a multi-genre DJ, turntablist, music producer, creator, and DJ teacher, DJ Shortee brings a wealth of information and understanding to the classroom. She has taught for the Grammy Basis, Dubspot, Scratch DJ Academy, Serato, Rane, Turntable U, SAE Institute, and extra. Her identify has change into synonymous with the world of DJ educational merchandise, and she or he is revered worldwide for her expertise as each an achieved performer and a gifted trainer.

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Basic Music Theory for DJs: How to Count Phrases & Identify the “One”

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  1. these videos are amazing! I'm a very visual learner so seeing how you lay out the music on a spread sheet was mind blowing. thank you so much!

  2. Yesterday I bought 2 of your courses for my NVII, and I have an idea for you. What if you design a series of tutorials where you show techniques , tricks on transitions, correct uses of efects, advices, etc. Will be great don't you think? there is a lot of guys like me who search everyday for a good tutorial like yours but short on good explanation. Cheers

  3. Great Video, Just A question, Do you mix On The 8th Bar or at the start of the phrase?
    Just i notice in some tracks, on the 8th bar i see what i believe is part of a phrase Like vocals coming in on the 8th bar?

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