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  1. beat matching should never be a problem with controllers. you have BPM numbers that come up, you have sync buttons.

    beat matching is only hard on vinyl because there is no software to tell you apart if you have a good mixer but then they are not reliable and if you havnt got expensive decks they will loose the timing whether they are direct or belt driven.

    I had some pioneer direct drive decks with quartz lock over 1k each even them after 3 to 4 mins of matching started to loose sync.

    syncing was one of the hardest things to learn but then with Cd it got better but now with controllers and software it's idiot proof

  2. sorry bro but i still dont get any of it. it might be easy but i dont know what the pitch fader is and what it does. nor the side of the wheel.. maybe because i dont speak english very well.. 

  3. after watching this video and start practicing to beatmatch without sync button, it definitely helped me a lot. like, why use sync button? this is the fun!

  4. you can just use the sync button too, but this is the traditional way of doing it, like how they used to do it on vinyl decks when they didnt have a sync button, most people think that using the sync button takes the art out of djing and that anybody can easily dj and transition between songs when you just use the sync button to beatmatch for you, so alot of djs choose to still beatmatch manually

  5. daaamn! i just started practicing this some days ago, i have some crappy denon decks! the dn-s 1000! i thought that i needed pioneer to actually mix something, but if it is possible to beatmatch with those incredibly little pitch faders, then my decks must be golden! hehe

  6. Yeah but then you're fading out a song and its getting quiter before a gap and you fade the next song in. Beat matching allows you to seamlessly go from one song to the other with no gap. Also most songs have terrible intros/outros so this way you can just play the best bits and not have any down time on the dance floor.

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  8. Seriously if you have a mindset like this you are going to have a rough dj career. Or you might not even have one.

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