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  1. Hey guys i got a question and would appreciate it if anyone could answer, I've just started djing and there are plenty of opportunities for me to dj at parties. but i have no speakers, i only have a set of studio monitors that I use and my parents old tv sound system do you think it would be alright if I use one of them to dj at parties? thanks

  2. Hey there I understand the concept of beat matching the tracks in this manner and it works but as soon as I pause the track I've beat matched and que it up at the desired starting point it goes out of tune(sync) again when I hit play. Any help on this?

  3. dude you teach beginner DJing like you're teaching it to a pro. I never find your videos useful because you don't explain things to someone who is just learning and doesn't know these things. No offense, but I feel this advice could maybe help you, by helping us beginners.

  4. "if you hear any noises in the background, that's my little boy."
    Me: why whould he be proud of his deck for making noises in the background?
    Me: hears an actual little boy
    Me: Oh God, I need help.

  5. sir i wanna buy an equipment….
    plzzz suggest which one would be better…. Pioneer ddj sb2 or pioneer ddj RB!!!!!

  6. how can you mix future house ? I'm a beginner and I'm really into future house I was wondering if you could do a tutorial or give some tips to get me started I use ddj sx2

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