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This is the first module from Producertech’s Beginners DJ Course, which covers all the basic skills required to DJ on any analogue or digital setup. This lesson provides an intro to the course and gives a rundown of the different DJ formats available today and the differences between them.


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  1. I think every time he pauses, he sees a spider on the camera ready to leap onto his head or something. Because I see his eyes glaring towards the top of the camera every time he pauses…

  2. Press play walk away I'm your laptop dj, I don't know how to mix so I just click on sync if the music stops that means my batterys dead

  3. Nice Vid, thank you. Just a point on history. Mobile "discos" started in the 60's. Many thanks. Mixing started in the 80's

  4. Yo! I really want to start DJing and i would like to buy my first set! I dont know much about this stuff but i'v allways wanted to start. I have no idea what should i buy. I have a small budget… MAX 300€ Could u tell me that what would be the best for me? I have lot of musical backround but i have never tried DJing. PLS answer!😭 love ur videos dude! U rock❤ (ps sorry for my english… im from Finland)

  5. i know very less about DJing but I do know for a fact that djing originated in the 70s through Hip Hop and not in the 90s with house and electro. And that would be the only thing that bothered me at this video. Your voice is very clear and easy to understand so it is perfect for people like me who know almost nothing about DJing and area eager to learn. Thanks

  6. Good video. I'm glad you paused for us to comprehend and the pausing wasn't even bad at all. Incompetent people are the majority though.

  7. If the noise levels are that pronounced, best not take it out in the silent parts, creates such a vacuum in the ears. Thanks for the video nonetheless.

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