Being a DJ vs Being a Producer

What is The Difference Between a DJ and a Music Producer?

learn how to djA DJ student asked me earlier today if there was any Digital Audio Workstation I could give him a crash course on that would “work with” his Virtual DJ software and he was also wondering how long it would take for him to learn how to be a dj
Here is what i sent him in reply to his question :

“It all depends on how fast you absorb the information and if you practice when you are at home…

I have had students pick it up enough to get dj gigs after only a week and he started being a DJ for a living and then some have taken a whole summer… the average is about 2 weeks @ 3 x 2hr lessons a week, so the average is about 12 hours just for djing
Now production is a whole different animal.
There is no DAW (digital audio workstation) software that really goes with any kind of software per say… but then at the same time they all do…lol let me explain
Production software and DJing software both communicate in different “languages”. The languages are so different that they can never speak to each other directly….however ALL DAWs and DJ software are able to OUTPUT wav format files, which CAN be used by both pieces of software…does that make sense?
No 2 products are compatible unless they were made by the same programmers, yet they all can play each others OUTPUTS….
so me, I first create a melody and harmony in Ableton Live Suite (my DAW of choice), then extract drums and percussions for a song I might have or create one from scratch with a midi player within the DAW environment, then I either stay in the DAW and find an acapella , which i tweak to fit the melody, harmony and drums OR before adding vocals, i export the file from the DAW in WAV or MP3 format and open it up in Virtual DJ/Serato or Traktor and then use it as a live remix or mashup track.
I hope that all made sense to you, if not…it would after your first lesson 🙂
When did you want to start ?”

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