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  1. Might I also recommend for the beginner/starter DJ for under $800 and that is a great price for speakers for the starter DJ are the Rockville RPG 15 inch loudspeakers and that's for 2 of them and one RBG 18s subwoofer from Rockville. Now the RPG 15s loudspeaker has a 1000 watt built in amp which has an RMS rating of 500 watts which can accommodate 100 to 200 dancing guests and then you add the RBG 18s subwoofer you are sure to keep the party rocking. I got my gear from "Amazon" and I received the speakers, a set of speaker stands, and 2x XLR cables to plug into a DJ mixer or controller all for $395 and the sub for $321! Now I had my speakers for 4 years and has not had ANY issues with them and the largest crowd I had was 385 guest and I had to order another sub to accommodate the loudness. Now DJ Rick Web has shown the best of the best and me I would LOVE to have any set of QSC speakers but the money is not there yet but I am saving the "benjamins." So if you are starting out please check out these Rockville Pro speakers. There are plenty of YouTube videos highlighting Rockville Speakers or go to for more info.

  2. PRESONUS Studiolive AI Speakers. If you have not heard them, you do not know what you are missing. Don't wait until you've thrown money away buying everything else out there looking for the sound that will ultimately bring you to these! Until you hear them, you do not know what a great….and I mean Great speaker sounds like…I have owned Mackie, JBL, and used QSC.. Put them side by side and hear the qualitative difference….period!

  3. I been Rockin Altos for about 7 years now had a pair of ts115 and never had a single problem, now I have a pair of TS212S and the new 12 inch sub and it sounds great. I think the Altos are getting a bad rap because your not Supposed to turn them past the 12 o'clock mark when you're dj'ing Anything past the 12 o'clock mark on the dial is meant for Mic use only that's why people are blowing out their tweeters. I personally set mine to 11 o'clock and get that party jumpin all night long!!

  4. Hey bud, thanks for all your reviews, love your gig logs, fellow OU alum myself… I was wondering if you've heard the Mackie SRM series powered speaker at all and if you had an opinion on them? I just upgraded from the Thump 15s (which I loved) and the SRMs blow them out of the water!

  5. Ok, this is for anyone who wants to learn something…… no matter what speakers you use, ALWAYS use a sub. The drivers in these two way cabinets, are NOT really meant to reproduce low frequencies. That's why they typically do not have a long lifespan. When asking these speakers to reproduce anything below 70 to 80 Hz, is where you run into problems. The amplifier is supplying power to reproduce frequencies that the driver is not really designed to play at, therefore you end up clipping the amp at a lower level, AND, putting undue strain on the amp when it's working at anything above about 60 to 70% of its capacity. This extra strain, shows itself as unnecessary heat in the amplifier section. A subwoofer is built to reproduce these low frequencies, and most have a built in crossover, that sends the higher frequencies to your main cabinets. Not only does this give you better sound, it also lets you play louder because the amplifiers are only working to play the frequencies that the drivers are best at reproducing. This WILL substantially extend the lifespan of your speakers. I ran a pair of Harbinger V2112 speakers with a pair of 12" subs for about 3 years, 3-4 gigs a week, average crowd size of about 250 people, never ran out of steam, never had a failure. Would consistently get compliments on sound quality…. even from other Dj's, that really didn't believe their eyes and ears….. seeing Harbinger, but hearing sound quality rivaling top quality speaker manufacturers. To anyone wanting to be a Dj, do some research, learn the basics of sound, and sound reinforcement, BEFORE you buy your first system. It will pay off in the long run.

  6. I have pair of the Alto TS215 been running without issue for about year. They are great mobile DJ speakers. Easy move and setup, and produce great sound even out doors. I often take them camping and run off marine battery and dc/ac inverter. No issues with the pass through to another speaker. With the 2nd input can add a mic for makeshift karaoke. Has a ground filter to kill power cable feed back. Contour button take the flat eq to more bass plus. Any other eq tweaking would have to be done on the mixer. Amazing 1100 watts sound for a fair price.

  7. Im surprised u and i agree the mackie thump 15 are awesome. They were my first speakers (actually i had one first). And now i have the prx 715 which are way better. The mackies cost 350 new but if u get a slightly used one they usually go for 200 around there. I paid 500 per prx 715 so im pretty happy with that price to performance. But normally the thumps have the best price to performance out of any speaker out there.

  8. i started with a used pair of behringer 215d. they were ok.. then I added a sub and that changed everything. ive done 7 paying gigs since jan. customers are happy. wanna upgrade to the jbl prx series

  9. Great Videos DJ Rick Web. I do really love watching your videos about DJ stuff. As a beginner I am learning a lot from you. Keep up the great work! I subscribed to your channel 🙂 Question in regards to PA Speakers for beginners. I have purchased a Peavey Triflex II – 1000 Watt Portable PA System which I thought could be a great one for beginners since the price ranges from $1100 to $1300 at Amazon as per your experience and or research do you thing is reasonable compared to the top 5 that you mentioned in this video for beginners? It really shocked me to see that Peavey was not considered to be a good option for beginners.Of course I have not had yet an opportunity to test out the others you mentioned so I wouldn't be able to compare but I love the sound of the set I have for my first few gigs to cover within 100 to 150 people. I do really appreciate your thoughts about this particular Peavey Triflex II. I do use a Traktor S4 and hoping to look into upgrading to Traktor S8 Thank in advance for your response.

  10. Hey man great vids, doing my first wedding gig in a month. You think 2 Mackie 15's are good enough for a crowd of 100-120 without a sub? And do you have any tips for power distribution and outlets to use?

  11. So if you went with the Mackie Thump 15's is it worth it to buy the Mackie 18" powered sub if you want to push more bass? And if so would it be better to just get the Mackie 12's with the powered sub?

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