Best DJ Headphones Under $100: Urbanears Zinken-

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  1. ok help a brother out im trying to find a proper replacement for my monster dna and im looking at these i have been using my monsters for about 6-7 years and there shot the wire from driver to driver is fucked where the fold is and i tried fixing it but im afraid from age it will break so its time for a replacement would these be a downgrade or an upgrade trying to keep it 150$ or less as well i like dual input.

  2. man I want those really bad, I seen the reviews but my ears didn't had a single taste of the headphones, even though I have monster N credible headphones that are for DJing, I still think that these would be perfect under $100

  3. From my own experience, I wouldn't say they are the best DJ headphones under 100 dollars. They get uncomfortable after 2 hours of use, and don't have the best sound quality for the price. I would say the ath m40x's are the best you can get for 100 dollars. They are extremely comfortable, and can where them for 5 or 6 hours without any discomfort. The sound is very well balanced, but it sounds a ton better than the urbanears zinken. The bass is decent, but if you want more bass I would say go for the m50x's. That's my opinion on it. ūüôā

  4. Can you also use another cable? So without the turncable? For example the interchangeable cable of the Humlans :o? Does the turncable not annoy you ?

  5. I got these not too long ago maybe 6 months they are the hardest thing in the world to keep clean seems like the start pealing and looking dirty fast oh and not to mention urbenears are the most difficult when it comes to warranty my headphones go in and out. Although they sounded and looked great for about a month or two

  6. I just recently blew out an ear cup on my sol republic tracks hds.  Should just buy new ear cups + sol republics pro cable or should I switch to these?

  7. Just a quick question tho: is the sound flat compared to other headphones of the same price?

    Anyway glad I found this channel! Been watching your vids for all the new gear and reviews! Keep it up man!

  8. Nice, I will have to check these out more, and they have probably just replaced the Pioneer HDJ-500's on my list of headphones to collect.¬† I will likely give the on-ear style at least one more try, but for now I'm looking for some over/around the ear phones.¬†¬† Thanks again for linking me to this video, I'm not sure how I missed this one.¬†¬† Keep shining bro…..

  9. I never would have thunk it! LOL!
    You have a bomb gig. Reviewing all the new gear.
    Haven't been much on being Jelly, but this is it!
    Keep up the good work. I am searching them right now!

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