Best Laptop for DJing?-

Best Laptop for DJing?

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Best Laptop for DJing?

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On this video, we’ll check out some issues for selecting a laptop computer for DJing.

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Best Laptop for DJing?

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  1. Im a windows guy, but was using a Mackbook Pro for Djing until it crashed at a gig, I bought an Alienware 17 and will never go back to apple, I run Serato and MyDMX on the same laptop at the same time with no CPU lag at all

  2. I'm really looking for somebody's help here I have a Hewlett-Packard laptop with a Pentium i5 processor if that makes any sense or core i5 processor but anyways my question is how come my laptop won't fully connect to Serato when I hook up my DDJ sb2 to the laptop it won't even show the two decks on the screen. Is there a certain setting in the laptop that I have to set? An ASAP response would be greatly appreciated

  3. Sorry dude! I was only able to listen to 2 min of the video before I bailed out. I've been in IT business since 2001 doing everything from network to point of sale to corporate infrastructure. I don't really engage in the Mac VS PC because in's pointless. You sir are giving bad information. I use windows and I've used a MAC. I have saved fellow DJ's from disaster on a few occasions because their MAC failed. I'm not saying this to bash apple but a HDD is a HDD. When you say MAC don't crash that's a LIE! If that were the case while working BestBuy geek squad I would not have fixed any and would be out of a job at that time. Bottom line is if you spend upwards of $2000 on a computer you should be getting a quality machine. However, it's not crash proof no matter what machine you get. The problem I have with that statement is when something does go wrong you have a person coming to a Tech distraught, as they spent a ton of money for a bullet proof machine because they were under the impression that they were impervious to all bad things of the world. Like I said before I could not stomach the rest of the video but I'm sure you would recommend beats headphones. In todays day it's all about preference. That's it! I can find a machine on both sides of the fence that will be killer and do what ever task put before them.

  4. The new mbp are getting mixed reviews due to the lack of USB ports so I'm told. There maybe a huge dj shift to windows machines in the near future maybe?

  5. My wife spins with a mac, it crashed twice during a live set..I had to bail her ass out using a shitty ass HP g6..price for hers1200.00 price for mine 500.00
    Both computers used for 5 years now with no issues…windows does suck, superior o.s goes to apple

  6. i love my apple i mac and i like my mac book pro … i have just up graded my equipment from like the 80s in lighting for doing dj services but am lost on which way to go on the music aspect .. i don't want to carry a hell of a lot of crap , my pa is a bose f1 that i just got and was thinking of getting a new mac for playing the music … am I going to need another one for a back up if i go this way …. i did the old way of using 2 cd changers and a mixing board and power amps but not sure about this computer way now so needing some input on the best way to go

  7. Apple sucks i bought a 2007 macbook for my new ddj rb i checked the specs before purchase everthing checked out now come to find out its not compatible with my dj software becuz mac stopped supporting osx 10.6. i cant even download Google chrome smh super pissed they wat mac products life cycle is set up SUCKS

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