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  1. Local DJ workshops really helped steer me in the right direction. Also, any event I go to that has a DJ, I usually ask them a bunch of questions. I'm a musician so I'm typically at events with DJs. Of course Youtube has been a great help. Putting all this together I believe has helped connect the pieces of information so I understand it better.

  2. used to never watch videos it was trial and error n that was the wrst thing i could have done if i had watched videos i would be 2 year more advanved than current level…now been djing for 8 year and alot more success and thats down to structured learning…..Love the vids TLM

  3. OK I got my equipment from a family member did a couple of cookouts and small club functions and I am hooked. My equipment is very old Crown CE 4000 and Crown CE 1000 with two 15 inch tops and 2 18 inch subs with a a couple of Cd players. To me there is no greater feel than to look up and seeing you with a lot of people dancing to your beats. I want to step up to a controller and laptop. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cd versus laptop

  4. hey guys! i'm a non resident 20 year old guy who's willing to DJ in LA……i have no experience of DJ'ing before but want to take DJ classes to get around things thinking a club or a bar could hire me! is it possible to achieve that goal and i want to know if i can apply for green card as a DJ…..please give me your thoughts and advice!

  5. Great video as always! I learned by going out to clubs where the djs I wanted to be like played. Some were big others were so small you could actually see what record the dj was going to play next! It's in the small bars/clubs that I really got a chance to see what the dj was doing (set format, which gear they used, hot records, etc.)! This was priceless because I still use this info today! Peace!

  6. lust like you I learned by listening to radio back then was cassette then came CD and emulate what I heard. I am not yet into advance scratches but I have heard some guys who attend Dj school and boy to me their set sound awful .practice makes perfect that's the key

  7. I am in the process of learning how to become a DJ, I watch a great vast amount of TLM video's, I also purchase the DJmastercourse online, onlly because it was well organized, and I did not want to miss a step. Next step DJ School, hopefully with TLM, been practicing for a few months now at home, about 2 to 4 hrs a day. TLM has helped out alot, I agreee with him on paying for online courses, everything is on youtube. I also am in the process of purchasing my own equipment, taking my time. I have the DDJ-RZ by rekordbox, So far I love it, I can do everything they do on Serato DJ, dispite what people may say or compare, next step small events, looking to get some speakers next,

    JBL PRX818XLFW Powered Subwoofer (1500 Watts) (New) or

    Mackie SRM2850 Powered Subwoofer (1600 Watts, 2×18") or

    Mackie DLM12S 12" Powered Subwoofer (2000 Watts),

    I know I should start smaller, but I do not have the money, to be testing speakers, I do have sound experience,

  8. I became a DJ in the 80s. I was taught by older dudes in the Air Force who took me under their wing and taught me everything. They also let me perform with them at the NCO Club when I was ready. I miss that time back then. I really wish I still had all of those mixtapes from back then. Good times!!!

  9. I became a DJ in the 80s. I was taught by older dudes in the Air Force who took me under their wing and taught me everything. They also let me perform with them at the NCO Club when I was ready. I miss that time back then. I really wish I still had all of those mixtapes from back then. Good times!!!

  10. Thanks Dj TLM, very interesting your videos! I am new in this , I am saving to a new Dj mixer.. I have a question: would you have more oportunities by being MC ? and another one , I only play spanish genres : reggaeton,salsa,bachata,merengue… should I know more of the other genres? like hip hop , R&B and more.. ?

  11. Honestly TLM i am not bashing anyone but a musician eg a dj it should be a inborn concept right???? i didnt have a teacher and i cam mix and play so smooth ive bin a dj for over 20 years now i play for spring brake in jamaica and margarita vill, hedo, jungle night club negril and i didnt have a teacher.

  12. is a website that I follow, and there is a wealth of info available there for free. They also have paid training on their site, the one I have purchased I am more than happy with. The best way to learn to DJ in my opinion, is to DO IT… Research, choose a workflow, choose your kit/software, and spend time mixing…. Best of luck! I learned from trial and error, YouTube, DDJT, etc…. Not saying I am good just yet, but I am not terrible anymore either…lol

  13. I have a question for djTLM. I'm just starting out with djing and I'm using the Cross DJ pro app in my phone. I've mixed some tracks etc. But, as you mentioned in this video, lack of a personal teacher is what's stopping me from going forward. My question is, my mixes usually have that grr sound in then whenever a beat strikes. I've tried reducing gain but doesn't make much effect. What can you suggest? Thanks.
    – DJ Deso

  14. I started around the end of 2014, learned how to use a cheap controller, and pretty much straight away met an agent who gave me gigs in local bars. Pretty much became obsessed with DJing and DJ culture and every spare moment when i wasn't practicing i was on youtube or whatever looking up tutorials on how to do different transitions and more creative ways to mix. Now only just over a year later i've been lucky enough to become friends with the biggest DJ's in the town i live in and i've played all the clubs and bars in the centre (except 1).

    Best message i could give to newcomers is to learn how to play with every set up, not just your controller or your laptop etc., learn to use your ears always over your eyes, keep it musical and organic by not relying on technology to do most of the work.

    Also if you plan on playing clubs watch out for shifty agents. There are so many snakes in the music industry, and while it might seem ok to get your breakthrough gig, they might end up costing you more money than they make you.

    Big up DJ TLM, learned so much through these tutorials and i wouldnt have been able to learn so quickly without them.

  15. I taught myself by listening to mixes and practicing in my garage. However I also learned many techniques by watching other deejays and watching tutorials on channels like this and Ellaskins. I'm now considering starting my own YouTube channel for deejay tips.

  16. You are the greatest Dj TLM I really appreciate you being a help source for upcoming DJs such as myself I hope to work alongside with you one day. My question I have today is where is a good source to keep up with music news and changes. By music consistently changing what is a way that I can continue to stay a breast to what's going on BC sometimes it gets overwhelming and I feel like I can't keep up thank you so much again for your advice

    Dj Tricey bii Atlanta

  17. Dj tlm maybe you could watch me from skype to tell me if I am doing good and what could I improve on. Just tell me when you ready to do The skype stuff and we can talk more about it.

  18. It was fifteen years ago. In Russia. Without any information, videos, courses or support. Poor family – no money for expensive stuff. Been saving money for about half a year to buy my first equip. Months of sleepless nights of practice at home)) nobody to tell what to do so had to invent all of technique)) while the most of it was pretty knows by DJs worldwide))) Guys! You are in a such brilliant situation now!! It's so easy now! Go ahead! There's nothing can stop you from becoming a DJ today! Love music, love your crowd and love the show! Just Go! Always raise the bar! And bring all DJing thing to the new level every gig! That'll be great! …and so much fun!:)

  19. I am never done learning I don't concider myself a DJ and probally never will but I teach myself and watch videos and listen to you and ellaskinsĀ  and a few others but I am more of a top 40 party dj than anything else…

  20. Summer 1996, i went out and got 2 turntables. i already had vinyl (7 crates worth). i spent hours in my room, practicing the art of beat matching. Being in school bands really helped me. Then serato came out and i got into the DJ software deal. Then i went out and got CDJ's. But pretty much, i taught myself. Now i can honestly say that i am doing very well.

  21. I am a startup Dj from India and the way you can make your dream come true is to work hard and hard.dont follow the sucess follow excellence sucess will definatly follow you. I know there are lot of there like me,dont afraid guys just believe in yourself.

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