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  1. its because most DJs think sync takes the actual work away from beatmatching. i use it to experiment with music the same way a producer re-constructs a song. Use sync wisely. It can work with you or against you, but like a ninja " know all your weapons given to you"

  2. As a mobile Dj I  don't beat match  as my mixing in the next song is instatanious I go from one song straight into another useally without mixing it  either scratch it in or fade or just drop on the one as most of my songs are played all the way through and not changed after one verse and a chorus I will bring in one song as the other is ending.

  3. Well said! Great video as always! I personally don't use the sync button on my Mixtrack Pro II but actually looking for a way to disable it..! I have bumped that thing more than once and train wrecked my transition. My take on it.. to each his or her own. At the end of the day is the client that you are working for satisfied with your performance?? We waste so much time and focus on: Turntables or controller, MacBook or PC, Serato, Traktor or Virtual Dj???? Who cares already put the real focus back on the client so we all can benefit as Dj's

  4. In my opinion I say that the sync button has some uses but not all for example I only use the sync button rarely on CDJS but other Controllers like the DDJ SX, DDJ SX2 and DDJ SZ I manually do everything because it's more fun and you don't look like those fake Djs and I believe that You should learn how to Beat Match first manually then if you want go ahead and use the sync button but as I said before I only use it for rarely for alittle but of EDM and I agree with you Geoffrey but I really think that first learn the skill to use the button because there is a lot of Djs that dedicate there time to beat match and improve and then there is just people that don't care and use the sync button and call themselves a Dj!! that's just my opinion Thank you for your time Geoffrey Short

  5. Agree . Nice show as usual. My 10 cents
    We are all driven by different emotive forces, for some it's a competition in a who can mix the best, for others it about money, fame, lighting, love of music, being a snob etc. Like you said there is room for everyone. But at the end of the day we are a service industry so we are driven by our customers and the market forces that play a part.If very few people/no clients want that service then you have a real problem.

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