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  1. hey i want to ask. is this app just for DJ or it can remix a song? Cause i want to remix 2 songs and i don't know how to cut them and blend them into a new song. Can you tell me how? thank you before.

  2. is there a way of putting this white lines on the first beat because some of the tracks I want to mix don't have the white line on the first beat

  3. Hey guyz I bought Cross DJ LE nd I wnt to knw how to use it with an external soundcard and headphones for cueing
    (and also how to control one deck from speakers and other deck frm headphones for cueing) really need ur help plz

  4. I'm having problems with my pitch control. For some reason when I use the pitch knob, it doesn't seem to move up or down smoothly, it jumps in multiples of 5 or 6 & the Master is highlighted, I think I must have done something without realising it & cant get it back. My songs just aren't Syncing when I press Sync…any ideas? 

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