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  1. Boa tarde, eu tenho uma controladora igual a qual vc faz o video, bom gostaria de saber como faço para transmitir videos, todas vez que coloco cabo hdmi ou vga nao para para o projetor. muito obrigado.

  2. having problems in my ddj wego…
    whenever i turn the hi, mid and the low controls to the normal position on the ddj wego (i.e., 12 'o' clock)…the controls position on the software(VirtualDJ LE) always exceeds to more than 1'o' clock….help..!!

  3. i've download a latest firmware for my DDJ We Go from the link that u have posted, i installed it too ,but i can't open it ! I mean im connecting my WeGo first ,then im opening an JAR file (DDJ-WeGO_V105 ) …..and then message appearng ( Your DDJ-WEGO Not connected , close error: ID:0x0E21 ). I Power my WeGO off, but leave it connected.to my computer. Hold both the PFL ( headphone cue) buttons while switching the WeGO on and it still doesn't working. help me pls

  4. eu comprei uma do meu primo pq ele optou por uma pionner melhor
    ele me vendeu barato uma wego mas não veio os drives de instalação por o mesmo perdeu.
    estou apanhando pra conseguir acha pra download

  5. hello, i just bought my we go and everything seems to be fine with it, it completely controls all the functions on the program, the only thing that does notb control its the crossfader, how can i resolve that issue?

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