DJ Fundamentals: How one can DJ with the Traktor Kontrol S2-

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  1. Thank you! This was very straight forward and easy. So often "dude" DJs overcompensate (their lack of musical talent) with technical talk. Demonstrating how easy this controller really is upsets those fragile egos as witnessed by some of the comments below. Keep up the good tutorials!

  2. the S2 is ment for Creativity in your mix, eg..looping 2-3 accapells within 1-2 tracks, while adding effects and not have to worry about beat matching which the sync button is for. If you want this just to simply mix and nothing else..well it can come quite boring after sometime since no beat matching is involved, the machine does it for you, hence controller.

  3. I could watch you for a week!! Great post for newbies, so easy to understand… Everyone else assumes you already know it all. Please give us more.

  4. I always thought I would be to stupid to ever be able to mix songs together but this video has given me hope, it's sooooooo much easier than I thought. Thank you for an amazing, not too long-not too short, tutorial and reviving my confidence in DJ'ing

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I've come from a vinyl mixing background but have a history of being extremely disorganized with my records ( especially when having the odd drinkypoo!) My focus now is concentrating on creating the perfect mix compilations. This systems has made my music collection so much more accessible. I still use Traktor to beat mix as many of the tunes I have are recorded from vinyl and cant be synced. At least now I know where my tunes are have them backed up and can travel a great deal lighter. Keep up the good work!! Peace Jimbo

  6. Great video! I'd like to ask about the position of your EQ's. I've always read that the generally use of EQ's is to cut out the frequencies instead of raising them. So during a mix does that make it smoother or is there really a good reason to go past 12 O'Clock? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  7. @ bitchy vinyl DJs: Beatmatching songs is so in the past though. Because of laptops and ya know, "technology" we have opportunities to play instruments live or even sample and hot cue and play songs AS instruments. You guys need to catch up with the rest of the civilized world and get creative. No one fucking cares how much pain you went through. Start WRITING YOUR OWN FUCKING TRACKS, or go hang out and DJ at a nursing home you whiney fucks.

  8. thanks for the tut,  i have just bought my 12 year old boy this piece of kit and he loves it, keep up the good work and ignore the haters 😉

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