DJ Divine Justice Maschine Mk2 Midi Mapping for Serato DJ 1.7.6-

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  1. Super cool vid man. I'm working with a portable turntable and planning on hopping on the serato game and this seems idea for the whole "on the go portablist" thing 👍

  2. Hi Man, can you help. to map maschine mk2 with my controller mc6000mk2. It's my ffirst time to map such a device. Can I get some help?. Which template do you use to map in Controller Editor?

  3. Great video! But can you please help me out a bit here? How did you map different pad banks there? Is it a function that only the MK2 has or can I map pad banks within serato with any MIDI device?

  4. first off. shout out to you for the fools gold wristband! second thank you!!! i've been looking for some organizational guidance for my midi mapping for the mk2. I was a little hesitant about switching from live to DJ but didnt wanna get stuck in the past lol. Thank you for this!!!!

  5. Great video man, 2 questions: how did u manage to make the color pads white ? About the preassure sensor on FX, how did u do it ? Thanks !!

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