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DJ Equipment

The dj equipment I use varies from show to show and venue to venue.

vancouver's best dj equipmentI started out using classic Stanton vinyl turntables learning how to dj with some old collectors records my friends mom had laying around.

Today my setup for djing a club would be 4 Pioneer CDJ 2000’s with a Pioneer 900 Mixer. I also use the exact same DJ setup for djing at afterhours parties.

Now, when it comes to being a mobile DJ, that’s a whole new story. My mobile dj rigs tend to get smaller and smaller each year and that’s how I like it. The less moving parts, the less opportunities there will be for them to fail on me.

So my mobile djing gear consists of simply a laptop and my favorite Pioneer DDJ SR controller running on Serato DJ.

I could also use Atomix Virtual DJ, Traktor DJ, Mixx DJ, Flow or Scratch Live which are also installed as backup dj software. But Serato DJ is my goto disc jockey software of choice.

Brand new DJ gear can be found anywhere, but most professional DJs purchase their new DJ equipment at either

  • Long & McQuaid, which can be found all over BC including Surrey, Downtown Vancouver, North Vancouver and Richmond
  • Tom Lee’s which has its flagship store on Granville St in downtown Vancouver, BC

Used dj equipment can be even easier to find since over the last 3 years djing has become VERY VERY popular meaning 1000’s of young adults received dj equipment as presents the last few years so online second hand online sites have seen the amount of DJ equipment listed on their sites explode!

Find the very best deals on your very first DJ rig!

Sites like :

  • CraigsList
  • Kijiji
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • DJ Gear
  • and many more

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