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  1. @Bizdet … Thats because it is an instructional video… Most of Q's instructionals are in a cypher style so he would go and then you have a chance to try. This is why.

  2. qbert is so great. one thing i have to say though in all of his youtube vids though is ive noticed he has this one style where at the beginning of a bar he does an awesome rhythm, and then stop maybe 1/2 way to 2/3 of the way into the bar and waits for the next bar. its pretty jazzy. it wud be more hype if he let it loose tho

  3. God send finding scratching demos by DJ Qbert. Keep them coming any reason to stick to the 1210's and not go digital!!!

  4. You sir are a troglodyte. Qbert is also a world famous dj and he is featured in this vid. All you had to do is use google to find out, asshole!

  5. i don't see how a rocket video and calling dj q-bert gay have anything in common. i think you're ignorant because u called him gay and you also thought he posted this vid! He is a superstar.

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