DJ Ideas: How To Create Wonderful Construct Ups (Pt 1: Beat Rolls)-

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  1. Why's this video over 5 minutes long? 3 seconds was all you needed to just say "Don't!" (in response to the title of the video.)

  2. hate, just hate everywhere. why dont you guys just gtfo and let ppl do what they love to do.
    i liked the video a lot.

  3. superb again…u r turning out to b my next idol man! u killed it.I have cdj 2000 nxs 2 and djm900 nxs 2 and today finally i found out the most creative way of using the onscreen slip beat cutter.Going to try it man thnkkss.

  4. Is there a video about this hardware set up? I'm interested in knowing how DJs work without job wheels. (Noob here)

  5. This is basic and you learn this by yourself anyways. You have no musical knowledge and your rolls are poor out off time and sound terrible. You make superficial movements with your fingers and your use of hp and lp fs is poor

  6. Every few months browse some of the vids posted here to see what the DJ's are doing to explain fundamental music basics in structure, and theory…and how to lay it out for DJ prescription. Unfortunately, All I ever get to see, is a dude pushing buttons, spewing esoteric terms in mix technology, programs and equipment. At least this dude used the term "quarter" and "sixteenth'" note. BRAVO! At last….someone knows something about rhythmic beat identification…minimal to say in the least.

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