DJ Ideas – Transitions The Beat Drop & Utilizing FXs-

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  1. Hey nice tips bra! would you mind checking out some of my music? I subbed by the way, would be AMAZING if you took the time to subscribe back. <3

  2. it doesn't look like mic issue, it looks like power and audio mixed up,
    Unplugging the charger from the laptop might help to
    once again this video is for" DJ Tips – Transitions The Beat Drop & Using FXs" a good student will only focus on subject but very good student will ask question, Why is it making that noise? not make fun of it lol

  3. Yes there are flaws…. but besides the musical/effects choice, you're doin good job bro! Transition sounds good to me, you can choose your own music or effect. My man is just showin' you how!

  4. screw everyone with the negative energy. I'm thankful for people who do stuff like this. me and my buddy just picked it up as a hobby to mess around but it's always good when people out there are trying to help someone one. it's just better to just be quiet and let people learn who are willing to learn that is. and I wanna see all the people that posted negative videos take their time to post something up.

  5. i mean, it was kind of good but you forgot to track your tempo, so it sounded like ass when you made the transition two the second song.

  6. You couldn't watch this video that ground loop noise just couldn't take it. you need to add a ground loop isolator to remove that noise.

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