DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endo-

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  1. ok, so if i play all my tracks in 128 bpm if a track was originaly made in 133 or 123 bpm it can change the key ? that's a problem indeed !

  2. hi. i used mixedinkey for the first time, and my harmonies doesn't looks similar at all : are you sure 80% of analysis are correct ? i usualy don't mix intro/outro but just play 3 minuts of each tracks. this is why i need harmony who looks good together. maybe it has something to see with the setting "camelot/sharps/flats" ? anyways, thanks for your video, and your blog well documented. great work.

  3. There's gotta be a free software that does this….I'm not spending $60 for a software to tell me what the camelot key of my songs are….I hate VDJ, but it does it itself when you load the tracks…..I'm a traktor guy now, but fuck…..$60 when VDJ did it for free? Anyone know of a more affordable way to do this?

  4. Thank you for this tutorial ! Very nice, but I have still 1 big struggle. When I search on beatport for tracks, I find tracks in D# minor, but on the wheel I can only find tracks in D Minor and D Flat minor. (I thought D Flat = D Minor and D Sharp should be D# I guess. )

    So is D# Minor the same as D Minor or D Flat minor?

  5. God dam no wonder all this djs sound the same. All that shit just to mix two songs? People are over analyzing djing. A real dj don't need to know all this shit. It's called reading the crowd and digging in the crates. Lame ass fools

  6. It gives a energy boost going from D flat minor to D minor.
    But does it also gives an energy boost going from D flat major to D major??

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