DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endo-

DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endo

DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endois a brief video to assist as you learn to change into a DJ. With classes, wonderful tutorials, on-line movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endo

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Harmonic mixing is turning into an business commonplace for skilled DJs everywhere in the world. It’s an revolutionary solution to combine tracks collectively which are in the identical or associated keys, leading to higher sounding DJ units. Mixing harmonically suitable tracks makes it simpler and extra pleasing to carry out lengthy blends and mash-ups. The aim is to get rid of key clashes.

On this harmonic mixing video, Dubspot DJ Teacher Endo shares his information about an revolutionary solution to combine tracks which are harmonically suitable with one another utilizing Native Devices Traktor, FM8 synth, and Combined In Key.

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DJ Tutorial: Be taught Harmonic Mixing w/ DJ Endo

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  1. ok, so if i play all my tracks in 128 bpm if a track was originaly made in 133 or 123 bpm it can change the key ? that's a problem indeed !

  2. hi. i used mixedinkey for the first time, and my harmonies doesn't looks similar at all : are you sure 80% of analysis are correct ? i usualy don't mix intro/outro but just play 3 minuts of each tracks. this is why i need harmony who looks good together. maybe it has something to see with the setting "camelot/sharps/flats" ? anyways, thanks for your video, and your blog well documented. great work.

  3. There's gotta be a free software that does this….I'm not spending $60 for a software to tell me what the camelot key of my songs are….I hate VDJ, but it does it itself when you load the tracks…..I'm a traktor guy now, but fuck…..$60 when VDJ did it for free? Anyone know of a more affordable way to do this?

  4. Thank you for this tutorial ! Very nice, but I have still 1 big struggle. When I search on beatport for tracks, I find tracks in D# minor, but on the wheel I can only find tracks in D Minor and D Flat minor. (I thought D Flat = D Minor and D Sharp should be D# I guess. )

    So is D# Minor the same as D Minor or D Flat minor?

  5. God dam no wonder all this djs sound the same. All that shit just to mix two songs? People are over analyzing djing. A real dj don't need to know all this shit. It's called reading the crowd and digging in the crates. Lame ass fools

  6. It gives a energy boost going from D flat minor to D minor.
    But does it also gives an energy boost going from D flat major to D major??

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