DJ Tutorial: The Shiftee Salsa School of Scratch – Hand Place-

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  1. isn't there a way to set the cross fading curve on the mixer so that the cross fader does't have to travel such a long distance? then if the cross fader smells only your fingers, it'll let you hear what's on the other deck…

  2. @kwidg87 i just keep to bedroom DJing, and i have the most fun in the world with 2 vinyl turntables and a mixer that cost 100 quid in total! and yes, i scratch. Its not the gear – its what you do with it!! Buy a skipless scratch record ("superseal" is really good) so you dont have to worry about good needles. Make your own slipmat out of some slippy plastic so you dont have to worry about crappy torque. Then just have fun – if you one day upgrade then you will be 10x better with expensive gear!

  3. If your just starting to DJ and have a laptop I would say your best option is to use the Traktor Kontrol S4. It has 2 decks built into it that can control 4 decks in Traktor. It also has a 4 channel mixer (with EQ's and filters) and soundcard built into it, and has buttons for browsing, looping, FX etc. It will save you from having to buy 2 Turntables, a mixer, amp, and dj software & hardware since its all of these in one, and would allow you to be able to take your dj setup anywhere.

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