DJ Tutorial: The Cease and Drop Transition w/ Codes-

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  1. LOL bro you can't possibly teach, you still got noob knob syndrome, where a noob plays with the knobs and never even turns them…………lol…………..wigga please!

  2. This is how I mix all night long in my bar sets. I go from classic rock to funk to boom bap hip hop back around all night. I don't like to be a 1 trick pony, like dj echo out every track or some shit, but I have to admit that my main transitions are either tossing it in on the 1 or stop and drop with a vinyl brake effect on my controller. Sounds wack but I excel in tune selection. 

  3. I wish they would keep the basic tutorials to their classrooms and show us more interesting and advanced techniques here. I look forward to the new videos on this subscription but this just seems like a waste of my time to watch.

  4. Man, if you need to be told this you should admit to yourself that your a punter not a player…not everyone can be a dj or a musician and to quote an old man of rock
    "you wanna be a flower…you gotta be a seed"

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