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  1. @trichromez Most important thing is that we keep it alive in much the same way that genres like blues and psychedelic and punk still have a committed following.

  2. @trichromez Ironically, when this movie came out in 2001-02, it was still seen as a very futuristic genre of music. Now analog DJing is regarded as somewhat archaic. But guess what? When I go into stores like Kmart and Fred Meyer I still hear a lot of late 1990s pop songs on the radio speakers. It's sad that Backstreet Boys have outlived Babu.

  3. Only problem here is that the musical tonality (key) of the two songs clashes – the vocals are in C minor and the instrumental in G (ambiguous as to whether it's minor or major). This is what makes classical mixing and blending so difficult. I have a good friend who's an experimental classical-music turntablist and he was telling me how the BPM and key have to have the same ratio, i.e. a G-major piece must be 50% faster than a C-major piece.

  4. the last of a dying breed…is they're any real dj's now a days??…i watch the vids of ISP, Xmen, BPSH….those were the days..and i wasn't even around to reminisce about time u wish u were around, cause everything now sucks!

  5. They should of picked him instead of grandmaster flash to do the instructionals on DJ HERO lol…..GMF's voice is fucking annoying hahah

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