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  1. Hi,
    I'm just beginner and confused about what should I choose: im thinking about cdj 350+djm350 or XDJ700+djm350. Which one is better option and why?

    Thanks for you help

  2. Such a well explained video, I've recently been interested in learning how to DJ and this is by far the clearest and most well explained video I've seen.
    Thank you and keep it up.

  3. Filled out the survey a few weeks ago and still haven't gotten the rest of the videos. Is there anything I can do to get them?

  4. I would be pissed as f*ck if I got in stage at a festival and the crossfader was removed. Absolutely essential to my style of mixing

  5. That's some great stuff you got there. If you want to see more Reviews, Advice, and Gig logs come over and check out my channel and subscribe!!!!

  6. So THIS video is the reason there are so many AVERAGE NON-CREATIVE DJ's in today's EDM world! No wonder I don't go out anymore e.e >.<

  7. what a dickhead…….in the old days they used a crossfader, but he at least atmitted that turntable ….scratching etc is way harder…..dancemusic…..a weekend long…..

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