DJ’ing for Rookies – Primary Beat-Mixing, utilizing CD Gamers with Pitch Controls-

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  1. This is by far the most comprehensive and most informative video for DJ-beginners.You are a really good teacher and I would give this video a thousand thumbs up if I could to show my appreciation.

  2. Amazing video, this is a Master Class on DJing 101 including music theory, equipment tutorial and step by step instructional. Bravo DJ Bolivia, great job. Thank you.

  3. Another suggestion for a video you could do is the importance of volume mixing when bringing the incoming track over in the mix. Rarely do i see tutorials explaining how important this is.

    As a deejay I've made many a mistakes bringing the track in too soft or too loud. The PFL meters are there to help you gauge it but I've noticed even when you have the PFL meters synced up that the track can still be too low or loud.

    Learning to mix using the EQ's on the mixer is extremely important.

  4. I would argue that most purists believe using a sync button isn't real deejaying. Of course there's always the extremist purist that believe a bpm counter isn't real deejaying.

    Like you said if you learn to beatmatch by ear or using older tech then most likely you'll be able to mix on any equipment. Of course blending music is vastly different than Turntablism.

    Turntablist still need to learn to beatmatch, but scratching, juggling, word play, sampling etc… is more of the focus as opposed to just blending music.

    Using just a laptop where it's doing the work imo defeats the purpose of deejaying. What's the point? You literally are just pressing play.

    I use serato, turntables, Timecode vinyls, laptop, & a Rane mixer now, but I learned on turntables originally and a mixer with vinyl. Still have my record collection of course. No sync.

  5. I'm not getting this. How do you tell if the incoming track is too fast or too slow??? It all just sounds like a jumble of kick drums.

  6. Awesome! Learned a lot from you, thank you very much. Hello from cold Russia (Moscow). And by the way. Can you tell me what are the songs you played in the video? Especially that song with the girl on the vocal. (Sorry for my english)

  7. Man this must be the best beatmatching tutorial video I could find on youtube, thanks a lot and keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Hey Dj Bolivia, Ty For all your help!
    One Question : Do you prefer to press play to introduce a new song or hold the plate on a beat and release it on time as I have seen with many DJs? What are the differences?

  9. precise, metaphorical, soothing, academic approach, guess no one didn't ever do this approach.
    like every precise step-by-step precise approach, some of us can't go along with this approach. of course this lecture is good

  10. Thanks for your generosity to share this very informative and easy to understand video lesson. You are very professional, knowledgeable and yet humble – You are giving us this great lesson without showing off or impressing the hell out of this video viewers with your dj skills. This information is really valuable and the minute I saw the video, it made me go back to basics 101 to make sure I am doing things the way they should be done. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to see the other videos you have posted and of course new ones. Keep it up!

  11. im doing early hardstyle since 2004 mixing on my reloop double cd player and 6 channel mixer, i´ve learned all by myself without anyone telling me how i use this kind of thing….and this tutorial…im sry but….this is to many words explaining nothing man. Just do it and show it…..just an opinion from a noob who mixes since 12 years. peace.

  12. I've been DJing for about 4 years now and time and time again, I like to watch videos on even the basics just for fun. I wish I had discovered your videos when I was learning. After watching your videos, I felt like we became friends. Your style of teaching is clear, easy to understand and informative! Thank you so much. It would be awesome if you made a video on spinning jungle/drum and bass.

  13. geez man, just wanna say thanks for doing that video hey! perfectly explained with all the patience and details required, a big cheers for you buddy! made me a lot more confident about learning all that stuff 😉

  14. hi , I love your tutorials ! i was wondering if you are going to make a tutorial on djing with a DDJ controller / Serato

  15. Hi mate im matt, this video brings me back in the day when l used a twin dj cd mixer with mixing electro streetsounds … old days best

  16. You are so thorough and sincere and listening to your videos is like being at a lecture of my dream studies! 😀 Thank you!

  17. What would you recommend for beginners to play without laptop? Should i buy some old CDJs or some Turntables? Thanks a lot 🙂

  18. I've just started using the Camelot wheel for the first time. wen your creating a new mix do you mix in key or just go with wot sound good? would really appreciate a very long tutorial on mixing in key. keep up the good work your vids are extremely helpful. Your attention to detail is wot separates your tutorials from everyone else's again thank you.

  19. love these tutorials ~ love how considered you are when you're talking, BUT protip: crank up the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 during the talking :V

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