DJ’ing for Beginners – How to CUE on a DJ Mixer-

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  1. Great video, well done. the set up is so correctly correct that feels like the viewer is cueing.
    I own the xone 42, which works like the pioneer on the video.
    Dj Bolivia, never had the opportunity to thank you for inspiring me as I only found out weeks ago, how to leave comments lol.
    Thank you very very much for inspiring me

  2. I can dig it life outside of music, from your videos it seems like you def do a lot, I've jus searched for a long time for a comprehensive guide to music and to finally find your page is def dope, plus it's free, free, I wish I could learn everything you know overnight that way I would no longer be limited by my technical prowess

  3. Great video! I recently bought a Pioneer DDJ-SR and I'm just starting to dj, so this definitely helped me understand how to go about mixing the tracks. It's still a bit confusing cuz maybe the models are somewhat different or maybe it's just my lack of experience, but the basics as far as how the Master and Cue work were spot on. Thank you for taking the time to create these tutorials, they have been really helpful. Respect ! 

  4. Hey man, really great series of vids so far. Could you do a new one on EQs/Filers in specific/depth? There is nothing comparable out there and I doubt most people really understand the core of it, especially beginners. If you do, make sure to use a 4-band EQ as your example mixer plz 🙂 Ty!

  5. I've been watching your videos for the past few months now and I just had a question. I know that you mix electronic music, and I do the same, I can get the beats to match up perfectly and all but the only problem I have is fading the next song into the track playing. I tend to kill the Lows on the song I'm bringing in and slowly raise the levels and then once I get to the end of the current 8 bars I have the next track totally faded in and the once current track completely faded out. It can sound amazing at times, but other times the tracks can't get pretty mixed up and not sound good at all. I was just wondering if you had any tips on fading tracks together, or if you ever planned on making a video about it. I typically mix EDM so there isn't much time to fade tracks together slowly like you could with progressive or things of that nature. Thanks.

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