DJ’ing for Beginners – Learning the Basics about Audio Mixers-

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  1. THis tutorial is everything! Thank you so much! I also have a question: at 17:45 where You are explaining the Q buttons so that when you press them you hear the music of the channel through your headphones. Let's say you have only one channel playing music in master room and you press that Q button to hear it on the headphones. Would it stop playing music at the master room and would only play at the headphones or both (if the channel's volume level is up). Thank you!

  2. you can ajust the pivit on the crossfader, but it depends on the sound mixer. not everyone has it. Like you said. You can ajust the curve. If i am making sence. But good video. Thanks for it.

  3. Have you ever thought about teaching a class , I go to college and it is hard for me to focus , in any of my classes
    It was easy and interesting listening the way you explain just a suggestion

  4. Absolutely outstanding video! Getting into this stuff can be so technical and daunting. Before watching this I knew nothing about mixers but now I feel I've a good grasp of the basics. Thanks so much 🙂

  5. This is so good! I'm not a dj nor do I want to be. I am a cake decorator and have to make a cake for someone who is a dj. I am researching what they use and why. It helps me to determine what I will do for the cake. This really is good. I'm also going to watch your other "basics" videos and get more insight. ??

  6. audio cuts out for me too. but honestly this video was extremely super helpful thank you soooo much ive been Djing a few months on a cheap controller and i just ordered my first ever actual nice setup and so i decided to watch some tutorials and try to get a good grounding instead of just messing around, the detail you go into is so informative i now actually understand what im doing and uses for things i didnt before it was kinda like back in school when you knew how to do a math formula but didnt quite understand how it worked still, well thanks to you now i actually understand how it works XD and you have the same headphones as me so +10 cool points

  7. Thank you very much for the awesome tutorial. I for sure as an aspiring dj learnt a lot from this. Wish you lots of luck. I have one question. I have some experience volunteering for sound services in live performances. I have a Mackie pro-fx16 mixer. Is it possible to have the cue option in audio mixers ? If so then i don't need to invest in a dj mixer. Any input will appreciated. Thanks again.

  8. Dj Bolivia, thanks for the video,well explained.Just a quick question about the EQ crossover frequencies on a mixer.Two mixers with 3band EQ. The Low freq on the first mixer stands for 50hz, a Mid Freq for 1khz. On the second one Low – 300hz, Mid- 1khz. Does this mean that the first mixer's Low freq. isolates less bass when turned down. than on the second mixer? Would be great if you could shed some light .

  9. Hi, sorry if I missed this, but can I / do I need to plug 2 turntable ground wires into the same grounding screw on the back of a mixer (if it only has one)? Thanks,

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