DJ’ing for Freshmen, part 3 of 4 – with DJ Bolivia-

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  1. Just got my first real gig with an event agency, for this saturday. The problem is, when they were asking me for my rate I had no idea what to say. Any suggestions for a beginner dj to ask for?

  2. Question. I just bought a Gemini cdmp 7000 and I'm trying to look for maybe some software that can work with what I bought or using CDs or usb. Please help me out.

  3. many thanks for these videos! they are so helpful..

    I have a question about the music selection and djs

    I can attest to what you said about opening. basically i played a party where the guy opening for me played the intense electro house and trap

    the crowd went nuts and when i went on people were tired and left

    I spin mostly techno, house, and tech house.. I also love the weird trippy stuff you mentioned, like the stuff green velvet plays in his electric playground podcast.

    what should do when playing with a electro house/ trap guy like this? I took most of the deep house out of my set to play energetic techno (opened with dj boris- engage)… break out some dnb?

    please give me a tip or two to prepare for the next one

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