Instance Tech-Home DJ Set utilizing Technics 1200’s & A&H Xone 62 Mixer – Viewers Perspective-

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  1. Hi @djbolivia! I would like your opinion on Technics MK`s, is there any difference between their models? and which one comes out perfectly to play with timecode? I'm crazy to buy a MK, but here in Brazil, the value is absurdly expensive, sad for that.
    I count on your help.
    Thank you and Success!

  2. personally my mixes go for a bit longer than yours. and i like to use chops and even scratch. not too much but if u like eddie halliwell stuff youd like mine.

  3. Excellent mix.  I have a question regarding your mixing technique.  It appears you "ride the pitch" to first get the beats matched.  However, I notice when you start the mix, you lay off riding the pitch and only use the platters to make corrections.  Correct?  Do you recommend that over constantly riding the pitch to keep the beats matched?

  4. Great channel and great videos. I've recently just gotten back into mixing after a 5 year break. I still love vinyl and it's been nice watching a pro work. I've never used CDJ's, I have nothing against them, but there is just something so special about mixing with vinyl. The sense of achievement when you pull off a perfectly timed mix is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

  5. What cartridge are you using? Also when you play a record do you just drop the needle or do you use the lever to drop the needle?

  6. Come on man, these things are vinyls, not women…you don't have to caress them. But nice to see that you can use them too, even if it's hard for me to see the Technics the "wrong" way around, lol..

  7. Hi, which device are you using to record the mix? I can see it's a Sony but would like to know the model… been looking for something like this to avoid recording on my computer.
    Thank you

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