Finding Vancouver Event DJ Services

Vancouver Event DJ Services

Having a good DJ for your event can mean the difference between hosting an OK event or a ‘Great’ celebration.

Vancouver event dj services
Vancouver event dj services

If you look at a typical banquet; it would approximately have one hour of Cocktails, One to Two hours of Dinner and approximately Four hours of Dancing. So dancing would essentially be half the time of your event and most probably the only form of entertainment for you and your guests for the evening. So having the Best Vancouver DJ service for your event is extremely important.

Having a good strategy to identify and hire the Best Vancouver DJ should be your TOP priority.

Here are some important ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ that will help you in making your decision.

Do your research, shortlist at least three Vancouver DJ companies to be interviewed, preferably in person

Do consider someone who is experienced in the type of event you’re planning. If you are planning a Wedding then consider a DJ Service that specializes in Weddings. If you are planning a School event then consider a DJ who has performed in your school district

Do ask the DJ what their favorite type of music is. This is a good indication of his / her taste profile

Do ask what type of genres the DJ specializes in. If you are looking for a Vancouver Wedding DJ then it is best that the DJ specializes in multiple Genres so that the music is suitable for guests of all ages and backgrounds. If the DJ is for a School Dance then check if the DJ has a good collection of up to date Top 40, House, Hip-Hop, Dubstep

Do ask the DJ how many songs are in his / her collection and how up dated it is. It’s important that the DJ’s music data base is diverse and has the latest music (especially if you are looking for a Prom / Semi-Formal SJ Service)

Do request him / her to name the Top 05 songs in the current charts. If he / she cannot name them then it’s a red flag!

Do get him / her to show you pictures of the equipment they will use at your event and perhaps even ask to see it. The DJ should use professional grade equipment that they OWN and NOT rentals

Do check for online reviews and also ask the DJ to provide you 02 references of a recent event. Don’t always check for the 5 Star review comments but also see if there is any negative feedback about their service

Do ask if the DJ if he or she is familiar with the banquet venue or the hall. If not, then you should meet with him / her at the venue before the event to discuss the floor plan, check for power requirements and review the lighting set-up

Do ask for a copy of the contract and make sure all pricing information if clearly noted and the DJ provides all lighting, sound equipment with no extra cost and that the set-up and take down time is part of the service fee you are paying him / her

Do check if they carry back-up plan in case of equipment failure or of the assigned DJ is unable to make it for your event in case if sickness etc.,

Don’t hire a friend as a DJ for your event as it can only end up badly, an embarrassing experience for both parties and potentially a lost friend

Don’t wait until the last minute to hire a Vancouver DJ. The best DJ Services in Vancouver usually gets reserved approximately an year in advance. If you wait till the last moment then you will not have much choice, may have to settle for whoever is available and potentially pay a higher cost

Don’t select someone you are not comfortable with during your initial meeting. Sometimes it can be a good Vancouver DJ but he or she may not be the best DJ for your event

Don’t book the DJ without signing a written contract. Make sure you read though all the terms of the contract and the rights of both the DJ and your are protected in it

Don’t accept any verbal promises or commitment. If it’s not detailed on the contract then it’s not going to happen!

Don’t select your Vancouver DJ services on price alone. Consider availability, experience managing similar events, customer reviews and how well he / she respond to your emails and calls before signing the contract. If they don’t promptly respond to your requests before signing the contract then they sure are not going to respond promptly to your requests after the contract is signed

Don’t expect the DJ to read your mind. Discuss all your requirements in detail including a full review of the agenda to make sure he or she is on the same page as you are. Also include your MC as part of this discussion. It’s important to make sure all key players for your event works together and understands your requirements

Don’t ask to see the Vancouver DJ performances in a private event. If the DJ offers that option then you know that he will do that during your event as well. Feel free to ask for videos of his / her work

Don’t try to get an unrealistic bargain. Most often ‘you get what you pay for’… So it’s good to shop around, but plan on spending 10 to 12 percent of your budget on the DJ Service

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