GroundZero is Open Again This Weekend

Ryan Stamina Rocks The GroundZero Crowd

groundzero afterhoursAfter another successful weekend of DJing at GroundZero, before I know it BAM….here I am again….

Gearing up for yet another amazing weekend of afterhours partying and dancing it up here in Vancouver.

Last week, we had Ryan Stamina drop in and literally dropped in behind the decks in the DJ booth. Seeing as Ryan did show up with over 20 friends he had gathered up at his regular event at 560, I didn’t put up any fight.

Ryan rocked GroundZero’s late night crowd of partiers for almost 4 hours straight and man can that guy spin a mean record.

Even though I didn’t have to…Ryan did such a good job that I gave him my DJ pay !

Which means…. it’s official, Ryan Stamina was the VERY FIRST DJ GroundZero brought in as a featured guest DJ and he sure rose to the occasion.

Wanna hear some funky breaks, deep grooves, earth shaking 808 bass drums ? ? ?

Then you know where to find me…. as usuall



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