How I record my DJ video’s-

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How I record my DJ video’s

How I record my DJ video’sis a on-line video to help as you start to learn to be a disc jockey. With ebooks, tutorials, movies, e book articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
How I record my DJ video’s

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Time to offer you some perception into how I record my djTLMtv video’s. I recorded this with my little level & shoot cam to take you on a tour by the room and present you what I’m working with.

Now, in no way do you want all this to shoot a video. This was purchased over the course of a few years. If you are going to shoot your first video’s begin with what you will have in the home. Most level & shoot digital camera’s have video recording capabilities. Or use your webcam. Lighting is necessary, however you can begin with the lights that you’ve. Simply level them on the set. Over time, you’ll be able to add higher tools to your setup.

In terms of software program there are numerous choices too. I all the time used Sony Vegas Film Studio, however when I switched to Mac I needed to discover new software program as a result of Sony Vegas shouldn’t be supported.

Listing of kit seen within the video:

DJ tools:
– 2 x Technics SL1200 mk2 turntables with customized deck plates (
– 1 x Pioneer DJM900SRT 4 channel club mixer.
– 1 x Pioneer DDJ-SP1 Serato DJ controller.
– 1 x Pioneer DJM909 scratch mixer with customized prime (
– 2 x Vestax PDX3000 turntables.
– 1 x Vestax PMC05 Pro4 scratch mixer with midi.
– 1 x 13″ Apple Macbook 2.16 core 2 duo (2007) operating OSX 1.5.eight
– 1 x Sony CMT-HX70BRT Micro Hello Fi element system as my DJ monitor.
– 1 x Pioneer HDJ2000 DJ headphones (not seen within the video)
– 1 x Sennheiser HD25 DJ headphones (not seen within the video)

Movie tools:
– Canon EOS 600D (Insurgent T3i) DSLR physique (digital camera)
– Tokina 11-16mm f2/eight AT-X116 Professional DX for Canon APS-C (lense)
– Sigma 30mm f1/4 DC HSM for Canon APS-C (lense)
– Rode VideoMic Professional (mic)
– Rode smartLav (mic)
– Aputure Substitute Battery Grip BP-E8 for Canon EOS DSLR
– GoPro Hero Session (digital camera)
– GoPro Three-Means Grip, Arm & Tripod
– GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount
– 1 x IQ Video 300V tripod.
– 1 x Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX7V level & shoot digital camera.
– 1 x Joby Gorillapod.
– 1 x Falcon Eyes comfortable field gentle set. Much like the LH-ESB5050K2 2 x 40W.

Studio set:
– 1 x Apple Mac Professional 2.66 quad core (2007) operating OSX Lion.
– 1 x Philips 273V LED monitor.
– Native Devices Maschine (mk1)
– Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (audio interface)
– Yamaha NS10 (studio reference monitor audio system)
– AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Signature Reference Class headphones
– Adobe Premiere Professional CC for video enhancing.
– Steinberg Cubase (recording).
– Audacity for audio recording (free).
– Screenflick for display screen recording.

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How I record my DJ video’s

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  1. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes look, do you have sound proofing the room you record your DJ set. Would you think it would make a difference considering it's in your home. I'm moving from a house to an apartment, so I feel I will have to come up some sort of damping to practice, with using headphones all day.

  2. I bought the Logitech C920 with tripod and also my Google Pixel XL for wider and better picture quality with tripod. Still learning on how to record and how to get best audio quality. I know you can record directly in Serato DJ but I'm not sure if I should use a line into the Laptop directly into audacity and then sync up the video and audio.

    Right now I'm just using it as a practice tool to see what I'm doing wrong on my scratches.

  3. Hello DJ TLM! First, congratulations! Please, I'm planning to buy a camcorder with mic input and, I would like to know if would instruct me to jack directly from the mixer? The model I want to buy, has recording level. Sorry for my english lenguage. I'm using the Google translator. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Really interesting to see the behind the scenes and a tour of your studio! You really take your career seriously! This is inspiring! Peace bro!


  6. Bless up, Dj TLM!! Love the independence work! I also am independent with my radio show, which by the way is in limbo as i am switching to video and need programs and cameras to run the way i need to..and i hope to have the show up and running by the end of the year. Its not easy but it is fun and something that i have wanted to do since a youth. Love yuh works, and keep spinning! Bless

  7. TLM how do you know that you loaded up the right song when mixing if Serato is running on the computer across the room?

  8. Been looking for this info for days and once again DJ TLM to the rescue! Thank you for your time and heart of service towards the DJ community. Stay Trill bro and God bless.

  9. you can also just get a phono/rca to 3.5mm lead so you can plug your mixer into your computer by the line-in (the socket that looks the same as the headphone, and sometimes are interchangeable) then use Audacity to record it that way. 

    The quality won't be as good as if you were using a separate audio interface but it will be a lot better than using a mic recording speakers. You can then use this audio alone or sync it up to the audio your camera recorded and then mute the audio from the camera. 

    Hope I didn't make that sound too complicated….

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