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  1. 1:20 .. how the fuck you can tell you don't need a mixer?.. you're dumb! of course you need a mixer.. How the hell are you give music to people.. and you call yourself a dj? … let me guess you jump from speaker to speaker to use their volume knobs to make a transition? :))) and  how about eq? Oh.. I forgot.. Traktor has also keyshortucts and you can buy USB shitty controllers for nothing.. don't listen people… this chick is for the views.
    Read below for the minimum system requirments when dj-ing or just doing public PA.

    PA Only:

    – 2 or 4 or 6 or.. you got the idea of active speakers. If you can get an active sub, even better.
    – a small mixer but you need a mixer with at least parametric eq on each channel. A liniar general eq (like the Makie has usually) is even better.
    – deck (or laptop or whatever crap you may use for play music.
    – balanced cables to get the best out of it.
    – microphone(s) depending on the situation full of filters and dynamic if possible so they can take a drop. On that mic(s) add the same number of supports for them).


    – the same as above but only one mic.
    – if you are using laptop, a laptop.
    – a dj controller (good quality).

    This is the cheapest way.
    Another setup may be:

    No laptop and controller but 2 decks and a DJ-mixer (appart from the small mixer I told you about at the beggining, trust me, they cost like nothing nowadays and some of them are real gems. Take for example Makie Profxv2 Series. Dude is more expensive a night out with your g.f. so why not buy it?

    And now for the purists (if you want a difficult life)

    – drop the deks above and get 2 Audio-Technica turntables. If any other questions I expect.

    P.S. – I worked for some time at BOSE in my country, I played in bands and I'm into musical production. Also when I have timpe I make the DJ here and there but is not my main activity because I get tired fast…. I'm 36, being in the music world since 16 years old when I took up guitar..

  2. I have been looking for a video like this since a few years ago, my question was, I need a speaker which allow me listen to quality music, and without a mixer, an active speaker, there were lots of active speakers but their brand was too bad, like the next ones, "kaiser, steren, master" …. I wanted a JBL speaker but it didn't have rca connection, I just wanted to connect it to my PC and that was all! with this video I found out that I can use an active jbl speaker and connect it to my computer through an adaptor without an amplifier or a mixer!!!

  3. Shelly. You made a lot of mistakes. These speakers are the EON's which you forgot to mention. "Non self powered speakers" are known as passive speakers. When using passive speakers, you don't need a mixer, you need an amp which you can then plug your computer into. It's just internal on the powered.

  4. if you we're a dj you would need some sort of a Controller or mixer to dj or even play music. (djing) or mixing/modifing the music is not possible or even close to being professional without such

  5. With passive you don't need a mixer. You can plug straight into the amp and once I didn't use an amp cuz my laptop has a very powerful headphone amplifier

  6. I have a set of passive JBL EON 1500's, I cannot fault them what so ever. I personally prefers them because you don't have to set each volume on the speakers as you set up its done by the mixer which is easier with an amp mixer combo unit. I don't thing JBL make the EON 1500's anymore, do you know? or have they changed them?

  7. I have a system with two crate speakers and two custom built subs with warfedale speakers and a mackie amp for highs and a samson amp for subs the total power is 1250 watts is that good for large spaces?

  8. I'm old school and prefer outboard power amps. Built in amps on powered speakers tend to vastly over exaggerate their power. Traditional quality power amps were and are much more conservative in their ratings.
    Typical old school standards used to be… RMS for 20 to 20k at 8 ohms at less than .1% harmonic distortion.
    Even then the reserve or burst power often went far beyond the rated power and current delivery into lower impedances was on tap. Typical class D amps today produce a fraction of their rated power when measured by "old school" standards.

  9. what is the difference between a passive subwoofer or a active subwoofer
    im looking for one to plug into my dj board with active speakers could i do that ???

  10. I absolutely appreciate you putting this badass video out to the world. I do videos on similar topics, would love to for you to dig them as well 🙂 Stay crazy, stay awesome!

  11. does anybody have experience with active p.s's?

    If so what brand do you recommend,

    my problem is i kinda want to make a one time purchase other then keep purchasing thru out the career.

    Thanks to whom responds!!

  12. I have three self powered speakers I use for the races.  Two of them run off the same extension cord/generator.  When I need higher volumes, and even mix of the mic, they cut out constantly.  I have to turn the volume waaaay down for it to sound right, and then, no one outside of 100 feet can hear it.  Any suggestions?

  13. we dont know what to buy whats the best active speaker you have ever heard mackie jbl evs qsc whats the best that you have heard and are useing thanks

  14. Hello Dj Shirley. I just bought a wharfedale TiTan 12D Speaker & 15ASUB Power Pack + wharfedale S2500 amp. Any thoughts on this combination? Is it okay to use the amp with the Titan 12D speaker?

  15. Hey Shelly, I just bought a pair of active speakers. Do I have to have a mixer or can I use my laptop and bridge the speakers?

  16. Shelly you've talked too much and nothing about quality, so the real difference between active and passive speakers; *Active, have the crossover filter before the amplifier and *Passive have crossover filter after it. The active speackers have better quality than the passive ones and we use them on studios recording, labels where we build sound banks or create music, and if you are a dj you really don't need active speakers because you are doing passive music and u'll don't find big active speakers anyway..

  17. your ideas are great! Any good powered speaker should still need a mixer or mixing board. Especially for Weddings and Other events that need additional line inputs and mics and to better enhance the overall audio. I Mc and Sing and love to have more control of my sound. Those jbl xt series are nice but plugging directly does not give the full capacity of your system. Price difference is true between passive and powered. That is because components are separate so you can save. Eventually everyon

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