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  1. this bullshit ain't screwed fool. it's slowed down. you ain't dj screw so you will never be able to screw the music idiot

  2. robert earl davis rolling over in his grave. Let's see what these "dj's" can do with two turntables, headphones, a 2 channel analog mixer and a crate of records, and that's it. I'd love to see these bjdj's make it 10 minutes (let alone a standard 2 hour mix tape) on two tables with clean drops, clean transitions, I won't ask for a chop, or a rewind. Screw, along with true DJ's had to mix based off of ear, taste, adaptability, oh and when Screw recorded a mix tape, it was in real time and only chopped (pitch was slowed down post production) so you used to have to be quick, and spend some time crate digging, curating your chops. Would love to see how many djs would stick with it if their "controller" (fml that's weak) had no auto-sync, no streaming content, no hot cues.

    I might sound like the cranky old guy (I'm in my late twenties) and i'd be just as pissed if all of a sudden guitar hero controllers or auto pianos became acceptable. It'll probably happen at some point. Just remember to you dorks who live on a midi machine, analog instruments don't depend on battery dependent comps. God's speed. I'm going to put on a gray TAPE – nerds

    No diss @ any H-town screw head.

  3. Why reduce the rpm? And why need instant doubles? You can just apply the track to both turntables with the push of a button. It just seems like you're complicating a simple technique.

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