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  1. Eventually you get to a page where you are offered more detailed lessons for a price. I paid but never got what I was supposed to get. Total BS be careful.

  2. You just devalued an art form to appeal to the lowest common denominator. All this does is inspire simple minded posers to pick up any Wal-Mart brand controller and play every Animals remix they can muster all for the "DJ look".

  3. I am planning on being a DJ for a hobby because i will be in high school soon and i want to party hard in this club, plus i don't want another DJ playing the wrong song at the Wrong time, I want to live it up in my life.

  4. thought this was fake or something but its actually free…
    suspicious, nothing is free in this world
    but well… imma learn how to dj 😀

  5. Amazing video. I though I would share a small tip for all aspiring audio producers: Recording music is my life. I've always wanted to work as a DJ. I have already recorded a couple of songs and finally I am close to publishing my first recording. After losing my time with inadequate programs I finally found the #1 program for beat creation for 2014. Want to learn more? click on my username. I posted a link for this amazing program.

  6. @evenios for edm that's perfect. I would pair it with a native instruments kontrol. It's a nice compact controller. U can mix with the twitch and use effects with the kontrol. Happy mixing:)

  7. cool. i got the novation twitch and it has a touch strip rather then the plate thing but im sure can do the same thing ;-).

  8. I don't think they do a lot of that stuff "To look cool", I think they mainly do it because they learned on Vinyl…

  9. pro im a graphic designer, if ya need logos or flyers lemme know im charge mad cheap! message me so i can send you my website

  10. I work as a DJ. After extensive research I finally found the best software for music production ever. I posted a link for this software on my channel. go check it out.

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