How To DJ Free Video Tutorial 2013 | How one can use Cue and Headphones to DJ-

Learn How To DJ

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  1. Do you store all your music on a laptop and play it all from that ? If so is it iTunes or what software so you play from

  2. @JamsterBeats twitter

    dont let him see this video he will laugh

    im a rapper with a very wide taste of music

    recently I've been learning to mix

    this video isnt makeing any sence

    tbh its 1 of the worst iv seen

    jamster beats is ur guy
    thanks @brainDam1

  3. I used to mix on turn tables thinking about buying cd deaks to get back in my mixing wot would be a good cheep set to start off on I just want one that u can hold the first beat on the top like u was in the video so it like mixing on turn table !

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