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  1. Just one thing that helps me, maybe it'll help you. Get yourself a good healthy collection of house from beatport. Use about 20 or 30 tracks and work at blending them and beatmatching them and learning the beats, bars and patterns. Then you'll have a foundation for all kinds of other types of music that isn't as structured. I love to mix hip hop and breaks and funk but that stuff can't even be beatgrid so I practice with EDM all the time to keep my core skill. For hip hop, just drop it on the 1.

  2. I don't think you can keep them together but they prob aren't meant to be kept together long. Hip Hop isn't EDM. Start listening to Hip Hop dj podcasts like at Brooklyn Radio and then mimic the way they just throw songs in on the 1. Djing is all about picking good tunes anyway, don't ever forget that.

  3. Great video, but u can skip touching the platter and just ride the pitch fader to dial it in. I learned that from ellaskins.

  4. Imagine EDM DJs and Hip-Hop DJs as athletes in different sports. One may not be harder than the other because they require different skill sets; just like, say, football and baseball.

  5. Yeah. I hear ya. Not all djs are the same. If I would treat a wedding reception like a club I'd be out of business real soon. Different beasts. For the first 5 years of my djing I did not beatmatch and always got rave reviews at the end of the night. What matters is pleasing the customer not my ego.

  6. Thats exactly what Ive been doing whole lot of fading dropping but it feels so weak. Im just like 'anybody can do this'. I dont even feel like Im DJing.

  7. By the way I am a wedding so I play a lot of oldies and top 40. Sometimes I don't beatmatch at all.. I just drop or fade.

  8. No. Not really. For instance.. songs from kesha are what you describe. No intro or outtro. I just use these types of songs after a slow song.

  9. hi, how does all the dj equipment that you have shown in this video?. I've never had a console dj and I have experience as a DJ, taking into account that I want to pursue a career as a DJ with music mainly hip hop, advise me to take a console like yours?. usually know how can I get hired by a nightclub as a DJ, if you decrease come.aspetto kindly respond primarily to the guy in video.thanks

  10. Beucase when you slow down the pitch the track will still be off. It may be in the same tempo but it will be ahead in timing, so you adjust the timing with your finger 🙂 check out "ellaskins" if you need more beat matching tips 🙂

  11. I'd say that hip-hop is harder to beat match than house or the other electronic genres, simply because you have more complex and diverse beat structures, not to mention rapping and verse/chorus structure to deal with.

  12. not the greatest visual quality, but nice simple explanation of the objective here for the noobs amongst us. thanks!

  13. dude, if you have serato scratch or some program like that, just match the bpm using the pitch control, THEN use your head phones to determine the beat placement with the beat on the other deck

  14. smh at DJs that don't respect other genres of music. The music will fit a particular crowd, we play for the crowd we like.

  15. What's the point of mixing, playing, listening something which has nothing to do with music? Hiphop is just a non-sense mumbling.

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