How to DJ Hip-Hop : How to Do Flares on a Turntable-

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  1. This tutorial has been the easiest to follow for me. Thanks for breaking it down the way you do. I tried DJ Angelo but it was a bit confusing the way he explained it.

  2. @DOPEBOYMARK Im in the same boat. My brain is trained to start with the fader closed and keeps defaulting to that when I try to flare quickly. I think repetition is the answer. Im practicing just doing a single click flare pushing the record forward for now. Then adding the return flare

  3. @OZPerpetue youยดre, you need some perception and the feel to do it on tts,but he mentioned that he had to UNDERSTAND how to scratch with vinyl.imho the concepts quite the same ๐Ÿ˜‰ i myself learned it the classic way and im right now using cds. what do you prefer?

  4. @RangeRover87 There is a EXTREMELY BIG difference, starting by having the correct technique so the needle does not skip and the feel (unless you are using one of those new moving platers cdjs and midi controllers).
    Choose whatever you prefer, both are good and professional.

  5. @DrLsw
    Yes, but of all of those videos, this was the first one that was actually helpful. Most of expertvillage's video explain the most basic things that any idiot would know already and then start scratching in high speed. But the essential middle part is usually missing.

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