How to DJ : How to Make Chirps on a Turntable-

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  1. @TheHashFinger not really … a real DJ should be taught by a mentor. Just as in any craft based skill not to mention a skill that was created by my (and hopefully your) culture. No disrespect to any up coming DJ's but find a more skilled friend to teach you dont waste time trying to google "how to DJ". again .. just my opinion

  2. this dude is a fool!!! how u gonna name this video Disck Jockey tips and then turn arround and practice The art of Turntablism, aka Hiphop DJing. a DJ puts on a record and pushes play and keeps the music going all night long, a true Hiphop DJ/Turntablist beat juggles, scratches, beat Matches, ect. ect. that is what sepparates us from the radio DJ who just pushes 2 buttons and waste money on all that equipment. this is Hiphop culture we started this shit so call it by its right name.

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