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  1. Hi Djs of the world.
    I am starting to learn and found this video really interesting.
    Fore those, like me who had problems to get the visual aid to set the cues with 1-2-3-4-5 and colors, don t forget to unplug your controller otherwise you don t see them ^^
    But One question : If I move all the tracks from my actual hard disk to put them on a new one, will all those markers be saved ?

  2. Im going to a junior acedemy to learn my things for when I grow up.. But I dont know how the hell u did that and I already know how make music ;-;

  3. when ever a turntablist sees me use cue points I get harassed saying real djs don't use it. It's also happening online on you tube to other people. Cue points enhances the vibe of a set so much I don't know what they got against it.

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