How To DJ Completely With Vinyl For DJs And Inexperienced persons-

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  1. Nice job Most DJ's wish they could mix like you on Vinyl. I am almost to the point I don't have to ever touch the platter. Keep it up brother.

  2. Is there any reason that your channels don't correspond to their matching turntable? Also, is there any specific reason why your eq's are stationed at around 3 o'clock? Is it all just your personal preference? Nonetheless this is a great demonstration!

  3. Question – why do you pitch adjust so vigorously each way when finding the speed (I'm assuming)? Thanks for the upload

  4. Hello, petite question pourquoi mets tu des équivalents de poids (faits maisons) sur tes disques ? Enfin pourquoi tu en empiles je veux dire ? merci !

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