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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. What am I supposed to scratch exactly to give it that sound though? As a noobie the only thing i've been doing is moving the record back and forth on the snares. Am I supposed to scratch anything specific, like high pitched sounds or something?

  2. Do you recommend any sources for free familiar sounding scratch samples ? I've only come across non-free samples. i don't have a stylus to sample all my old vinyl so i gotta cheat and grab some samples and get my scratch back on an crack this numark ns7, motorized finally..

  3. Jozef, I'm not sure what you mean. Type your response in you native language the use google translate to English. Maybe that will give me a better understanding.

  4. how can i get this wiki wiki kshhhhhhh Sound the Sound on end of schratch kschhhhh i hope you know what i mean i dont understand it. if i do this i dont became this Long kshhhhh from crossfader. im beginner and im on ddj sb2 serato Software crossfader curve is on max and linear. the sample what i use doesnt matter couse always sounds same. if i cut down the beat with crossfader is like straight cut without this kshhhhh . i learn 2 days about this Thing and i have no idea wtf is wrong with this Thing i just know it make me sick couse i want scrubbing like a master

  5. I own a Torq Xponent but i just won an NS7 on ebay for $220 bucks and would like to really get in to it.. ur vids a great thanks..

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