How To DJ With A Laptop computer-

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  1. HI so Im trying this for the first time. Do you know for how long one can have the demo version of the software you are using ?
    Thanks 😀

  2. With the algoriddm dj you stream of spotifi but if you want to get a controller like the pioneer rb then you have to use reckord box or pioneers own software because with algo ridding its so simple and wont subnormal all the functions so just stay away from using algoriddim from my experience start to build up you collection of iTunes songs it will help to if you say your friend wants you to dy on all there controllers and there software just bring the iTunes music on USB this will also help with i you suddenly decide you want to switch to ivy all you can get songs prinnted for no more than about three or four pounds or dollars so from my experience go just with using reckord box or a dj software that is compatible with iTunes it will help a lot thx ??

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm using Zulu by NCH. I'm having problems though with the headphones for track B to Setup transitioning out of track A. I can hear both track A and B when I click on the button for Track B listening only. How can I change this?!

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